March 1st through October 31st:

  • Mondays - 3PM to 8PM

  • Wednesdays - 3PM to 8PM

  • Saturdays - 10AM to Noon and 1PM to 4PM

During the months of November - February, open the last Saturday from 9 AM - 1 PM. 


The site is for the use of residents within the city limits of Blue Hill only.  The site is required to be manned and loads with unacceptable items will be denied access.

Acceptable items:

  1. Trees and untreated lumber – these items and these items only will be allowed to be placed in the pit.

  2. Grass clippings, garden waste, and leaves – these items will have a designated area and will be maintained into compost which will be available for use by Blue Hill residents.

If you are planning any demolition or construction work, a professional trash service will need to be contacted for proper disposal.

The Yard Waste Site is permitted by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality and is subject to occasional inspections.  The City of Blue Hill wants to assist residents in managing their yard waste material in a cost effective way and in return we ask that you not abuse the use of this site.